Responsible Event Planning.

Tamarind understands the importance of environment friendly events in today’s world. Tamarind incorporates many environment-friendly practices in the execution of events and does its part to safeguard the environment during events.

Tamarind Event Management ensures that the following steps are taken in order to keep their events running in an environment friendly manner :

Tamarind educates the client on limiting the number of attendants if it is a large-scale event. Environment friendly events are designed in a way that they prevent excess use of resources such as electricity and water.

Tamarind believes in reusing event material. We reuse wedding flex and substitute many materials with jute, cane and other organic material.

The event managers at Tamarind discourage the use of extra fans and air-conditioners during the event. Venues with natural settings in wide open areas are suggested for events.

To spread the culture of environment friendly events, Tamarind suggests using recycled paper for invitations, tent cards, brochures, files and other branding elements. Sending invites and promotional teasers online can always substitute paper and thus, save the felling of trees for the same purpose.

During meals, Tamarind advices the use of one single plate for the entire course. This will not only reduce the billing amount, but also save on the extra water and electricity taken up during cleaning.

Environment friendly events are planned with emphasis on the reduction of consumption of natural fuels. Generator use is limited and whenever possible, technologies that pollute the least are used at events.