Why Events?

There comes a question in one’s mind when planning a campaign – Why an Event? Why choose an event over an advertisement or an online campaign? What is it about an ‘event’ that excites people – and gets them to participate in it?

An event engages … It exhilarates! Being a part of an event is like being a part of something big, designed to change or affect change. An event brings together various minds to a common platform to network and create something new altogether.

Events engage people’s emotions above all. Adrenaline pumps up during this skin and flesh game, taking the experience to a whole new level!



Arabind Chandrasekharan Pillai, MD at Tamarind, parts with his vision, “An event is a celebration! It is a bundle of power-packed surprises! Combine it with the energy of great artistic performances and unique executions, you will be completely overwhelmed!”

Events have the power to change the way issues are viewed. They can turn negatives to positives, deflect scams, arouse unity and transform the spirit of the entire nation!

Tamarind specializes in holding many types of activations across genres and industries. Tamarind plans and executes MICE, personal parties, launches, BTLs and entertainment shows. A few clients for which Tamarind has worked are McDonalds, Google, CAT, ITC and Bajaj.

To know more, log onto www.tamarind.co.in!


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