The Tanoura Dancer’s Swirl

Magical. Mystical. And truly out of the ordinary!

Tanoura dancers are a great addition to your event entertainment list! These exotic dancers are Egyptian specialists who consider their art form to be a symbol of divinity. Therefore, these dancers perform their ritualistic dance with much mental, physical and spiritual preparation. They are usual trained Sufi dancers, spinning to a rich Sufi beat mix.

tanoura dancer

The Tanoura ensemble consists of a folkish outfit spreading into layered colourful skirts. Each colour on the skirt is believed to represent a Sufi order.

The Tanoura dancer swirls continuously for about 30 minutes, flaring his skirt, unfolding its many layers and lighting it up. These visuals are very captivating for the foreign audience who will enjoy the swirl of colours in the dark.

The dancers may perform individually or in a group, wherein the dance mythically symbolizes that the central dancer is the sun and the others around him are revolving planets. The swirl symbolizes the circular movement of the Earth.  They group and regroup according to the beats of the musical sequence.

The Tanoura dance forms an illusion similar to a human kaleidoscope – A spectacle for the eye!


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