The Compere Spell

Every event requires the artful hand of a well-versed compere to craft it to excellence! The role of a compere in an event cannot be underestimated as the flow and liveliness of the entire event lies in his or her hands.

Take the best of show presenters, television personalities, reporters and actors – Their charm and charisma have a way of getting to the hearts of people and making them feel important. This connection is what a compere has to create with the audience.

Says Dhanya Varma, anchor and talk show host, “A compere needs to feel a connection not just with the audience, but also with the event management company they work with. The level of comfort with the client also matters considerably in creating a good experience.”


Different events call for comperes of diverse nature. Whilst there maybe specialists in handling interactive activities and events, which require a special bouncing personality, there maybe also comperes who modulate themselves to fit conference setups, which require more of a steady voice and audience handling.

The energy and life of a compere is infectious! His or her vibrancy will shine into the audience. Comperes have the power of moderating the audience and toning down event glitches and ensuring that the show keeps going really smooth!

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