Qualities of a Good Event Manager

Lots of people love the idea of being an Event Manager with the potential glamour, travel, fun and frolics it brings. But Events are stressful, time consuming and loaded with responsibility. Logical thinking and quick problem solving ability play a bigger role than years of experience. There are certain qualities that defines an excellent Event Manager. They are as follows.

Event Manager

Event Manager

1. Great Interpersonal Skills

An event manager has to work with a team and other people in order to ensure the event is a success. This means that the event manager should have the ability to tell and listen without any issues. It is important that the manager understands what the client needs and then find ways to fulfill those needs or come up with different options.

Developing interpersonal skills is a necessity, but some people are born with these skills. Such people are able to manage their team or communicate effectively and it is these people who often make great event managers.

2. Flexibility

Nothing is fixed when organizing events. Everything is in a state of flux and things can change at the drop of a hat. Hence, an event manager should be flexible to take these changes in stride and work accordingly. One needs to be ready to face any sort of situation and be able to think on one’s feet

 3. Energetic

Events are extremely demanding and if an event manager want to host a successful event, he/she should be full of energy and passion and should love to deal with every challenges with zest and passion.

4. Creative and Innovative

To be a successful event manager, one needs to do things differently. This requires innovation and creativity. For out-of-the-box thinkers, problems and challenges are not an issue, as they have an innate ability to resolve them creatively.


5. Keen Eye for Details

It is the small things that matter. One should always delve into things and look at minute details and try to get everything right. An event manager’s keen sense of observation will prevent small things from blowing up and turning into big issues. Attention to detail allows one to ensure that everything is properly organized and in place for the event.

6. Good Time Management Skills

A good event manager has multitasking abilities and will have the ability to prioritize things at work and this allows one to be more productive and achieve more within a limited time period.

7. Passionate and Enthusiastic

This is an inherent quality and people are often born with this quality. It is only then they can excel in their chosen line of work. As a successful event manager, you have to have passion and this is what allows you to be productive and overcome obstacles that you face while organizing events.

8. Leadership Skills

Leaders are born and not made. This is an old saying and it is true for event managers as well. They have an innate quality for leading people and outstanding leadership skills help guide the team towards the end goal and that way events can be made a roaring success.

9. Superior Organizational Skills

Everything in an event has to be seamlessly choreographed, so that each step of the event goes off smoothly. With an event manager’s superior and exceptional organizational skills, this can be achieved.

 10. Tech Savvy

Event management has changed tremendously with the availability of technology, so an event manager should be well-versed in using it. This will help one to get things done faster and also make one more efficient and productive as an event manager.

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