Responsible Event Planning


As we celebrated World Environment Day last week, the responsibility to have a more environmentally-friendly outlook towards events has been on Tamarind’s agenda. Tamarind Event Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been trying to reshape the attitude of the industry towards responsible event planning by using products designed to reduce negative impact on the planet.

Nithya Umesh, Human Resource Manager at Tamarind says, “Tamarind has been greatly inclined towards reusing materials for events. Some of our event properties have been sourced cost-effectively and serve many events without additional purchasing. Beauty combined with minimal wastage has been a priority for us.”

Tamarind encourages less use of air-conditioning to control carbon emissions. The use of plastic is also heavily discouraged. For the inauguration of two of KINFRA’s industrial parks in Kerala, jute backdrops were used for the stage design, rather than the standard flex.

Tamarind Weddings is developing a culture of nurturing trees and protecting the environment with eco-friendly weddings. As a symbol of the growth of new life, couples are gifted tree saplings which they plant on their wedding premises.

Tamarind believes that if each one does their part, the world will become a much more green and beautiful place for us and for all the generations to come.

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