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At the heart of every creative team is a conceptually strong designer. For an event to shape up, a graphic designer’s inputs are crucial. It is in his eyes that the event first materializes.

Says Sanoj C. T, one of Tamarind’s visualizers, “The graphics team gives the client a visual of the event. While the client may give a brief as to what he desires, it is the designer who works the details and gives him an ideal product.”

For the designer, ideas can flow relentlessly, inspired by their surroundings. Designers have the power to absorb colours and patterns and develop them into a workable model. A minute design found in a peacock feather can create a legendary backdrop for a wedding stage. For certain designs, much research is required.


The role of a graphics designer does not stop at visualization. They work closely with the production unit to check the feasibility of their designs.

Designers have to custom-pick the materials involved in erecting the designs also. Shijo K. Thomas, the other graphic designer at Tamarind, says, “We customize every design according to the clients taste and budget. Lighting also plays a major role in accentuating a design’s beauty.”

All in all, the true mark of a graphic designer’s talent lies in his ability to bring out the client’s idea onto his workboard and create a marvelous output apt for the event!

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