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15th Jul 2014
Event Manager

Qualities of a Good Event Manager

Lots of people love the idea of being an Event Manager with the potential glamour, travel, fun and frolics it brings. But Events can be stressful, time consuming and loaded...

27th Nov 2013
sachin tendulkar

Lessons For Event Managers : By Sachin Tendulkar

India is the land of a billion sparks, aptly quoted by Chetan Bhagat. Beneath these sparkling minds is a brilliance that cannot be kept hidden under the shades of space...

29th Oct 2013

Event Venues in Kerala

Kerala hosts some great event venues for hosting world-class functions! The state is known for its nature-friendly water-front resorts and baywater cruises in which guests and delegates can enjoy the...

13th Aug 2013

Kerala’s The Best MICE Destination!

Come to the shores of Kerala and be greeted with a warm sun and coconut trees, whisking you away to a place of tropical fantasies. Yes, Kerala is and will...

25th Jul 2013

The Tanoura Dancer’s Swirl

Magical. Mystical. And truly out of the ordinary! Tanoura dancers are a great addition to your event entertainment list! These exotic dancers are Egyptian specialists who consider their art form...

08th Jul 2013

The Compere Spell

Every event requires the artful hand of a well-versed compere to craft it to excellence! The role of a compere in an event cannot be underestimated as the flow and...

21st Jun 2013

ACS – Bring Children To Work : By Tamarind

ACS-Xerox, in association with Tamarind Event Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. held a fun-filled one day event for their employees and their children on May 17th at Hotel Presidency in Kochi,...

11th Jun 2013

Responsible Event Planning

As we celebrated World Environment Day last week, the responsibility to have a more environmentally-friendly outlook towards events has been on Tamarind’s agenda. Tamarind Event Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has...

21st May 2013

The Book of Wonders : A Birthday Party

A birthday is a day when everybody wants to feel loved and extra special! So when Anekha turned one, Tamarind gave her a birthday party she can never really forget!...

14th May 2013

The Graphic Designer Hub

At the heart of every creative team is a conceptually strong designer. For an event to shape up, a graphic designer’s inputs are crucial. It is in his eyes that...